We do ...

Consulting Consulting in business & technical strategy

With extensive enterprise scale experience, MMEA consultants can advise your business on the best approach in your circumstances and help avoid costly pitfalls so common is this rapidly changing environment.

cello_maker Application development, testing and deployment

Web design, mobile design, client server design and development, testing harnesses, infrastructure configuration, deployment planning, workflow and integration engines and much more.

Bilbao Integration

MMEA Software can provide some or all of the services for an end-to-end solution that meets your needs. We use industry standard best practices and have developed or can access all the partners and tools required to deliver the optimal solution.

Support Hosting & Cloud setup and management consulting

We can help establish your internet presence and optimise the balance between in-house deployments, cloud-based deployments whilst minimising security issues and vendor lock-in.

Support Enterprise Application Reviews & Assessments

We can review and assess your current application and recommend the best path for dealing with enhancements, refactoring, risk mitigation and other concerns.

Support Support & Maintenance

We can can give you peace of mind with level 1,2,3 support for any or all of the components we provide - a true "one stop shop".

We can do this using ...

The MEA Platform

Our powerful MEA Platform is an End-To-End development platform for businesses seeking to develop and manage applications. The MEA Enterprise Platform, developed and enhanced over 15 years, is based on TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) which provides a comprehensive approach to the design, planning, implementation and governance of enterprise information architecture. more

To meet your challenges ...

Delivering enterprise solutions has never been more challenging; on one hand the pervasive and accessible nature of the Internet has raised the delivery expectation of the customer. Yet on the other hand, the dynamic nature of business processes, applications, organisations and networks, means that IT departments have to deliver solutions that are not only cost-effective, reliable, secure and perform well but must also be designed in a way that is pluggable, flexible and reusable. These two opposing yet complimentary factors mean that IT departments must be equipped with methodologies and tools that are able to deliver optimal business solutions in a timely manner.

The challenge for Organisations is to achieve quality of service whilst reducing cost. So often, one comes at the expense of the other. Essential attributes underpinning quality of service include flexibility, reliability, scalability, performance and security. The MEA Enterprise Platform satisfies these business requirements by delivering solutions with the above mentioned attributes in a way that is highly cost-effective.