MEA Grid Overview

The MEA Grid provides the runtime enterprise deployment services.

It does this through a set of loosely coupled, but coherent managers. There are currently some 16 powerful and flexible managers that provide a wealth of enterprise application functionality out of the box. Most of the managers are self-contained. Several, such as the Database Manager and the Workflow Manager depend on external database and workflow engines respectively.

In addition to the dedicated manager components, the Grid is deployed in a "Grid Container". This can run on any platform and is responsible for the management of the application services and the managers. Services are executed in response to client requests. The Grid caters for security, caching, performance, scalability and ESB (enterprise service bus).

Security Manager

Strong Security is paramount for most customer applications. MEA provides this without intruding restrictively on customers' workflow.

Service Manager

The Service Manager handles user's requests and lies at the heart of the application's operation. It brokers service requests and passes them on to the appropriate Grid Manager for actioning.

Resource Manager

The resource manager supplies new resources on demand and in response to service requests.

Schedule Manager

Not all applications require scheduling management. But when they do, a powerful and flexible scheduler is included in the MEA Grid and can be deployed as and when needed.

Authentication Manager

The Authentication Manager handles user connection and log on requests against configured identity credentials.

Authorisation Manager

The Authorisation Manager ensures that only those client requests with correct authorisation levels have access to resources and functionality appropriate to their authorisation role(s).

Log Manager

The highly configurable Log Manager provides diagnostic, authentication, resource usage and other information that can be used for management and monitoring of the application's and users' behaviour.

Business Rules Manager

At the heart of every enterprise application are the business rules that drive application. For more complex applications, the MEA Framework employs the proven and industrial strength JBoss (Drools) rules engine to underpin the enactment of the application's business rules.

Package Manager

The Package Manager provides packaging services for client requests needing to communicate to various forms of devices and communication channels.

Email Manager

The Email Manager provides email notification services for clients on demand.

Crypto Manager

The Crypto Manager encrypts or decrypts payloads as and when required.

Licence Manager

The MEA Platform supports a diverse range of licensing requirements. The Licence Manager allows administration staff to control which aspects of the application are enabled to whom.

SMS Manager

Similar to the Email Manager, the SMS Manger can deliver and respond to SMS notifications on demand.

Database Manager

The Database Manager handles database connections, queries and transactions initiated via the other Managers, particular in response to service requests. Service objects are translated in the Database Manager to their corresponding database entities.