Easy to Use

Have your application up and running in record time! This is not just a hollow marketing carrot. Ease-of-use underpins every aspect of the design of the MEA Platform. The comprehensive suite of runtime components bundled with the MEA Platform cater for the fundamental needs of most enterprise scale applications. For instance, at MMEA Software, we believe that SQL should be a last resort for application developers, not a basic pre-requisite. We believe that testing should not take a large team months, but be an automated process, largely driven automatically by the business requirements.

Cost Effective

Compared with other Enterprise Application Frameworks, the MEA Framework saves on design, development and testing costs because it leads designers and developers to focus on business services, design by contract and builds based on configuration rather than writing code. The MEA Platform leverages ope source and open standards, yet doesn't compromise on security, performance, reliability or quality.

Future Proof

The MEA Framework preserves your investment by providing quality, reusable components that remain separate from your tailored application configuration components.


Many enterprise-scale applications end up bogged down in interdependencies that make them too rigid, too unpredictable and too risky to change. The MEA Platform is different !

Eclipse Integration

Although not a strict requirement for using the Framework, Eclipse Integration is well supported and encouraged for developers.


The MEA Platform packs a great deal of rich functionality into its run-time components - the MEA Grid. These components cover a significant range of requirements out of the box, requiring minimal configuration to leverage their capability. The Grid comes bundled with support for databases, security, authentication, authorisation, crypto-management, email, SMS, resource management, licence management, package management, configurable logging, service management and last, but not least, a comprehensive business rules engine.

End to End

Many application frameworks only provide support for back-end or middleware development. Some provide only runtime support but not development support or vice-versa. The MEA Platform is a true end-to-end platform in that it supports designers, developers, testers, deployers and maintainers. It supports front-end (client interaction), middleware ( service and business layers) and backend ( database, logging, notifications etc.)